D'Agnese's at White Pond Akron
 Entertainment & Events

Wine Dinner
Wednesday January 23

 6:00pm casual arrival

Dinner served at 6:30pm

Featuring Sean Minor Wines. 
A group of eclectic wineries that have built their portfolio from Oregon vineyards such as
King Estate and Benton Lane towards the
Golden State to Renwood Vineyards.

Live Entertainment

This list is subject to change. Dates not showing
entertainment may have bookings that have 
been made and not updated. Check with restaurant for open date entertainment. 

 Join us in the Lounge at D’Agnese’s White Pond,
on the second Monday evening of each month for
Open Mic Night with Larry Altop.  Sing along with
Larry or on your own.  It’s your night to shine!
Jan 5 
 John Wood and Dutch  (7pm-10pm)

Jan 10 
Bobby and Linda Martin  (6pm-9pm)

Jan 12 
The Boomers  (7pm-10pm)

Jan 14 
Open Mic with Larry Alltop

Jan 17 
John Wood and Dutch (6pm-9pm)

Jan 19 
Larry Alltop  (7pm-10pm)

Jan 24
To Be Determined 

Jan 26
Gerald Harris  (7pm-10pm)

Jan 28
Open Mic with Bobby Martin 

Feb 2 
John Wood and Dutch  (7pm-10pm)

Feb 7 
Tommy Thompson  (6pm-9pm)

Feb 9 
The Boomers  (7pm-10pm)

Feb 11
Open Mic with Larry Alltop 

Feb 14

Feb 16
Larry Alltop 7pm-10pm

Feb 21
John Wood and Dutch 6pm-9pm

Feb 23
Gerald Harris 7pm-10pm

Feb 25
Open Mic with Bobby Martin
Feb 28

To Be Determined Guest Entertainment 


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